ross ryan


25/11/2010, Sailing Yacht Ocean Seven, 027°56’.196N  015°19’.050W,

Approx 500km South West of Grand Canaria, 43x36 CM

6/12/2010, Sailing Yacht Ocean Seven, 016°22’.477N  037°18’.090W,

Approx 3700km into the Atlantic, 43x36 CM

8/12/2010, Sailing Yacht Ocean Seven, 016°50’.088N  046°55’.959W

Approx 4500km into the Atlantic, 43x36 CM

12/12/2010, Sailing Yacht Ocean Seven, 017°04’.292N  060°58’.193W

Approx 150km from Antigua, 43x36 CM

In 2010 the Atlantic etching series amounting to 50 were all constructed in the dark, during night watch, as the boat crossed the ocean.  Here one can follow a pictorial depiction of long periods of isolation while spent at sea.


An air of calm fell upon the boat today. The broken sail-car cost us 300 sea miles and 3 days. The next weather system has moved in and its not a good one. The boat slowed while she banged hard into large waves sending shivers right through her.

Much the same as yesterday, in fact today could have been yesterday apart from seeing one yacht.

dark blue sea, flying fish, spicy food, scabby hands and bloody suncream. Strong winds from behind, Shirley Hight’s on Sunday, Rum! While on deck during my watch I spotted a huge fireball in the black night. Thinking it was a distress rocket I woke all the crew. We checked the horizon and glared into the darkness for a hour or so, but nothing. Could have been a meteor.

By about 10am we could see just a slither of land. 2 hours later you could smell it. 26 days of sailing night and day is now coming to an end. I just managed to get the hundredth message in a bottle over the side as we approached English Harbor. We are stern-to at Nelsons Dock, huge yachts everywhere. Later I drank rum and danced till I dropped.