bottle project

ross ryan


Deployment and recovery of Bottles in the North Atlantic between 1998 - 2012

A bottle launched in 2001, found in 2011 by Tony on the Turks and Caicos Islands, Caribbean

Correspondence, message and articles from Maxime. Bottle found while he waited for his brother in St. barth, Caribbean

Faded message found at Padre island Texas by Jason and his fiancee (while he proposed on the beach)

Letter from Georvis, Guantanamo Bay,Cuba


Since 1998 I have sailed the Atlantic on several occasions communicating solely with messages in bottles. Interest lies in the random encounters that are made.

Precious communication, during an age where we are constantly bombarded with information, has become a rarity. Most contact with each other now can be boiled down to a tweet, text or an email with little to touch from the experience. I plan to meet and bring together the bottle finders.

Each bottle has its own story. One was adrift for 11 years before washing up on a beach after a 4000 kilometer journey. Others have travelled great distances in a matter of months. Another bottle and its finders ended up having its story broadcasted to millions while aired on CNN new.

In autumn 2014 a planned Atlantic crossing will visit the 17 locations and finders from over the last 16 years.